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Re: pkgsrc/mail/sendmail anomalies

On Apr 7,  5:19am, "Jeremy C. Reed" wrote:
} I think both the sendmail rc.d scripts are broken. They should not use 
} /usr/sbin/ and should not use /etc/mail/, It is a convenience for some, 

     Changing it to not use /etc/mail would break all existing setups.
I'm not willing to do that.

} but it is not the pkgsrc way.  As an example, see alternative exim's 
} rc.d script:
} command="@PREFIX@/sbin/${name}"
} required_files="@PKG_SYSCONFDIR@/configure"
} Or pkgsrc postfix's rc.d script:
} postfix_command="@PREFIX@/sbin/${name}"
} : ${required_files=`@PREFIX@/sbin/postconf -h config_directory`/}

     I will think about it and consider the other requested changes
for after the freeze.

} (Also note that on various pkgsrc systems, /usr/sbin/sendmail is not the 
} mailwrapper. But may be some sendmail that the pkgsrc user doesn't want 
} to use -- that is why they installed from pkgsrc.)

     As previously noted, you MUST move any existing
/usr/{lib,sbin}/sendmail out of the way, or you WILL have problems.

}-- End of excerpt from "Jeremy C. Reed"

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