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Re: Binary packages (again)

On Tue, Jun 5, 2012 at 12:05 PM, Luca Sironi <> wrote:
> Latest release of netbsd is netbsd 5.1.2
> Shouldn't be at least a couple of folder
> for the major architectures?

The third number of a NetBSD version (2 in 5.1.2) is for security fixes only.
Security fixes don't introduce any changes in system ABI.
So, amd64/5.1 symlink which point to amd64/5.1_2012Q1 is actually
for any 5.1.* releases. As others already said, packages for i386/5.1
are missing.

> Shouldn't be as simple as doing pkg_add 'package' in order to have
> 'package' fetched and installed?

Do you mean without setting PKG_PATH variable?

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