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additional packges needing a long-term plan

The following packages are not (for now at least) scheduled for
removal, but they are problems requiring some measure of planning.
It would be helpful if Someone(TM) could investigate and figure out
the best long-term course of action for each of these.

(1) devel/RTx-Shredder

This has been marked BROKEN for a long time because it started
conflicting with the base RT package. What should be done with it?
From the lack of anyone apparently noticing or caring much, removal is
an option.

(2) xemacs and particularly xemacs-current

xemacs-current has been crashing during the build for a long time, and
both xemacs packages have been marked vulnerable for a long time.
Meanwhile, xemacs seems to be moribund upstream. What's the right
thing to do?

(3) misc/molden

This package has not built in ~forever because the distfile keeps
changing upstream. Mirroring a fixed version of the distfile is not a
solution because redistributing it is prohibited. Is it worth keeping
this package in pkgsrc? Would someone like to intervene upstream and
teach them how to release software?

(4) lang/pnet et seq.

My understanding is that this is dead and should be removed. Can
anyone clarify?

And, in a slightly different vein,
(5) databases/sqlsharpgtk, graphics/f-spot, net/dcsharp

These packages all have a similar problem linking mono DLLs, which has
persisted for some years now. Does anyone know what the problem is or
how to make progress on it? Does anyone care?

David A. Holland

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