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imap-uw needs trivial change to update to 2007f

The current version of imap-uw in pkgsrc, 2007e, does not work correctly with 
the OSX Lion email client. 2007f contains two small bug fixes:

imap-2007f fixes a couple bugs.
Fix for RFC 4959 Initial Client Response auth failures noted first by
  MacOSX Lion Mail users.
Adjust tcp_open.c:tcp_socket_open to make it a little more useful by adding
  a write file descriptor test to the select in the case that the open
  timeout is set.
In osdep/unix/env_unix.c:create_path there was a printf that should have
  been an sprintf. Doesn't matter on modern systems.

I was able to build 2007f by simply editing the DISTNAME in the Makefile and 
all the patches from 2007e applied with issue, it builds, and seems to work 
just fine on one of my customer's systems I've already updated.

Harry Waddell

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