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Re: long-broken packages (some are removal candidates)

Jörn Clausen <> writes:

> Is the transition from wip to pkgsrc a one-way road? How about moving
> those packages back to wip? Then it is still possible for some
> adventurous people to build them within the pkgrc framework and bring
> them back in a few years when they are fixed. But less able people
> don't suffer a bad experience by tripping over broken packages,
> getting mad at pkgsrc and NetBSD and turning to lesser OSes or package
> systems.

Some packages magically work for some people. Do you think that they
shouldn't use package just because it fails in bulk build?

I don't understand why noone bothers that we have pbulk reports full of
failures on NetBSD 4, and when it comes to NetBSD 6 _beta_ everyone is
so concerned that we have a hundred of packages (around 1% of total number)
that don't build.


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