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Re: [HEADS UP] packages not supporting destdir

On Sun, Apr 01, 2012 at 08:38:17PM +0700, Robert Elz wrote:
>     Date:        Sun, 1 Apr 2012 13:24:32 +0200
>     From:        Thomas Klausner <>
>     Message-ID:  <>
> These two
>   | cvsup-16.1.hnb2
>   | cvsup-gui-16.1.hnb3
> require this one
>   | ezm3-1.2nb2
> (which itself is useful for nothing other than building cvsup as I
> understand it), and so there's no point working on them if ezm3 isn't
> fixed first (if ezm3 were removed, cvsup would be unbuildable anyway.)

Given the existence and use of csup (pkgsrc/net/csup)

        Csup is a rewrite of CVSup in C.

        CVSup(R) is a software for distributing and updating collections of 
        across a network. It can efficiently and accurately mirror all types of 
        including sources, binaries, hard links, symbolic links, and even 
device nodes.
        In addition to being a great general-purpose mirroring tool, CVSup 
        special features and optimizations specifically tailored to CVS 
        It is being used as the preferred way to update sources within the 
        NetBSD and OpenBSD projects and more.

should we be spending time trying to force a square peg into a round hole
with the m3 compiler? Does the gui bit of cvsup buy us anything?

(Genuine questions, I don't use any of this myself)


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