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Re: k3b woes

Just a note that I finally got  the latest version of k3b (2.0.2) to 
eventually work under 5.1 on i386. The problem I originally had was it 
compiled OK, but when run it couldn't find any optical devices. A bit of 
poking around with the kde debugging system turned on showed it was failing to 
open the cd devices (permissions were OK). Putting a cd in the drive magically 
made k3b find it and once it was found it seemed to just work (I guess the 
config is saved to disk). A test copy of an audio CD seemed to work OK.

I'll do a bit more testing and if all is OK  I'll try and make a package - not 
sure what to do about the need for a version of gettext later than the ones in 
base or pkgsrc.


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