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NetBSD5.1/amd64 + python26 + py-OpenGL/pkgsrc-HEAD

  Anyone having success (or troubles as well) with the above combo?

  I optimistically tried simply adding "26" to the


line of my copy of pkgsrc/graphics/py-OpenGL/Makefile; and while
the package then built and installed just fine, I end up getting
errors at run-time that I haven't been fully able to get past,

    >>> import OpenGL.GL
    ImportError: ('Unable to load OpenGL library', 'Shared object "" 
not found', '', None)

Then, even if I work around that by adding /usr/X11R7/lib to
sys.path (which doesn't quite seem like a correct fix; is it?), I
still get the more elusive

    >>> import OpenGL.GL
      File "/usr/pkg/lib/python2.6/site-packages/OpenGL/platform/", line 
3, in <module>
        from OpenGL.platform import baseplatform, ctypesloader
    ImportError: cannot import name baseplatform

  Do you have any insight?

  In case it helps target any fact-finding questions--or, the level
of info you might be able to offer as part of a solution--I'm a
fairly seasoned NetBSD user in general, and a fairly inexperienced
python, PyOpenGL and OpenGL user.

  One last thing, I was trying to do this with the native OpenGL
support in NetBSD5's X11R7, rather than installing any Mesa
packages, if that matters.

Thanks in advance,  --Dave B.
Boston, MA

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