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k3b woes

I have had a play around with k3b using the version in wip which works with 
kde4 (k3b-1.69.0alpha4) This was a little while back and I had a few problems 
with it reading music cd's where it would loop indefinately after reading the 
last track (dvd's where fine). This was reproducible over several systems.

I did manage to get the latest version (2.0.2) compiled with only minor 
adjustments - this required a later version of gettext than that provided 
under NetBSD 5.1 or pkgsrc and patch-af as per the wip version. I installed it 
under /usr/local and it worked fine.

Sadly I upgraded my pkgsrc this week to fix another problem and decided to 
build all the applications I use from scratch. This was, in hindsight, a 
really stupid move as now compiling k3b ends in tears or it fails to work :-( 

The 2.0.2 version from /usr/local failed to find any cd/dvd devices - its like
something has stopped it groking hald - all other kde4 apps are OK so I 
wondered if it was a library mismatch and recompiled it again. Sadly the 
behaviour remained. The 'wip' version bombed out in compilation as it couldn't 
find qplatformdefs.h, despite the fact that this exists in the correct places. 

Could some kind soul look at upgrading the k3b in pkgsrc or wip to 2.0.2 and 
gettext to a compatible version (0.18.1). I guess the version of gettext in 
the system base isn't going to change from 0.14.1 as the later versions are 
GPLv3+. I suspect something is going on with the newer (2.8.4) cmake, but it 
seems beyond my ability to spot/fix the problem.


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