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Re: k3b woes

On Wednesday 16 March 2011 12:19:14 Dave Tyson wrote:
> Just a note that I finally got  the latest version of k3b (2.0.2) 
> eventually work under 5.1 on i386. The problem I originally had was 
> compiled OK, but when run it couldn't find any optical devices. A 
bit of
> poking around with the kde debugging system turned on showed it was
> failing to open the cd devices (permissions were OK). Putting a cd 
> the drive magically made k3b find it and once it was found it 
seemed to
> just work (I guess the config is saved to disk). A test copy of an
> audio CD seemed to work OK.

The wip/k3b package is now 2.0.2 and builds on -current.  Should 
build on 5.1 as well.  The bit about not finding devices unless there 
is a disk in the drive is because k3b tries to open the block device 
and that doesn't work on NetBSD if the drive is empty.  That is what 
patch-ah deals with, but I haven't yet updated that from 
k3b-1.69.0alpha4 to 2.0.2 (just haven't found the 15 minutes to look 
at it).


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