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Re: Unable to build modular-xorg-server, now difference between make & bmake

> Why are you using "bmake" under NetBSD? NetBSD's own "make" works just
> fine. It looks like you boot-strapped under NetBSD which isn't necessary.

>         Kind regards

> Matthias Scheler                        

I wanted to ask what was the difference between make and bmake.  Are they the
same in NetBSD but different in other OSes?

I see where NetBSD pkgsrc would need bmake to make sure of compatibility when
pkgsrc is ported outside NetBSD.

I ran "man" on NetBSD make, pkgsrc bmake, and Linux make, noticed that the use
of "+=" in variable assignments showed up in man pages for NetBSD make, pkgsrc
bmake, but not Linux make.

I could conceivably bootstrap pkgsrc in Linux just to get bmake even if I don't
want to use the pkgsrc framework in Linux, or I could find the source code and
build.  Now I find pmake through a Google search on BSD make vs GNU make, and
I see, by running

ls /usr/bin/*make*

that there are several makes including pmake, which may be what I was looking 


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