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Re: How to automatically update dependencies when building a package?

On 14 Feb 2011 at 1:24, Thomas Mueller wrote:

> I just a minute ago resent my previous message by mistake (too tired from 
> struggling with pkgsrc/x11-links): sorry!
> For building packages in a sandbox, would I have to install a duplicate 
> userland?  That is a deterrent.

I already build system from source so just had to
point pkg_comp config to the NetBSD /usr/src and

> I thought about pkg_comp, don't know if that would have been any advantage to 
> me.

If I can get it to work there will be the advantage 
of generating all packages from source in the sandbox
and if all needed packages built ok then being able
to update from binary packages.


> Now I have to think of income tax preparation and wanting to get something 
> working before then in Linux or FreeBSD if not NetBSD.
> I have some live CDs from source-based Linux distributions to look at: Lunar 
> Linux, Linux From Scratch, and t2, also will want to look more closely at 
> Gentoo.
> Tom

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