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Re: 64 bit ABI issue on Solaris

On 14.2.2011, at 6:40, Stefan Palm wrote:

> A far as I remember the problem was that pkgsrc reported MACHINE_GNU_PLATFORM 
> as "sparc-sun-solaris2" (instead of "sparc64-sun-solaris2") to gmp. My 
> "workaround" was to use a fake uname ("#!/bin/sh; echo `/usr/bin/uname $@ | 
> /usr/xpg4/bin/sed 's/sparc/sparc64/g'`") during bootstrap to get the 

Based on my latest experiments in 2010Q4, I think the problem is with libtool, 
and yes, the fact that Solaris (i386 flavors in my case) doesn't report as 
64bit, because it is both at the same time (which is why we're forcing it with 
ABI=64). I was able to work around the problem by forcing devel/libtool-base to 
build with -m64, then it will build shared libs properly as ELFCLASS64. See the 
attached patch.


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