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Re: osabi and x11-links: for NetBSD only, or other (quasi-)Unixes also?

 >> I couldn't find anything like osabi and x11-links in FreeBSD
 >> ports collection or for Linux.

> It is a general pkgsrc facility, not specific to NetBSD.  On a Mac with
> 10.6.5:

Personally, I think that in it current form osabi package is absolutely
useless on Linux and even harmful. Assumptions about API/ABI
breakages/changes on NetBSD can not be applied to Linux or other OSes
without deep knowledge about those OSes. In my view osabi package should
be used only on per-OS basis. Sticking to kernel version is also a
disputable idea. It seems ok for BSD where kernel version is always
synced with userspace but not for Linux.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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