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Re: Starting with pkgsrc on already-established Linux (Slackware) installation, how to bootstrap when pkgsrc is read-only?


> I could use /usr/pkg as pkgsrc installation prefix with no conflict, but I 
> have to be able to recognize dependencies already built in prefix /usr 
> (Slackware) and /usr/local (some of my own builds).  I could let pkgsrc 
> record package builds in /var/db/pkg with no conflict, but Slackware packages 
> are listed in /var/log/packages where the format is quite different from 
> /var/db/pkg in NetBSD and FreeBSD.  I would also have to be sure that pkgsrc 
> would recognize include and lib files in each of these three prefixes.  I 
> don't want to install a lot of packages in duplicate.

You need a minimal slackware base system similiar to NetBSD's.



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