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Re: osabi and x11-links: for NetBSD only, or other (quasi-)Unixes also?

"Thomas Mueller" <> writes:

> When I tried to build links-gui after updating from NetBSD 5.1_RELEASE
> to STABLE, I was quickly stopped by having the wrong osabi
> (NetBSD-5.1) with appropriate eror message about osabi.  So I updated
> osabi and subsequently had to update x11-links as well but haven't got
> to building links-gui again.
> My question is whether this osabi is for NetBSD only or for other
> (quasi)-Unixes too, such as Linux and the other BSDs, Solaris, AIX,
> etc.  I couldn't find anything like osabi and x11-links in FreeBSD
> ports collection or for Linux.

It is a general pkgsrc facility, not specific to NetBSD.  On a Mac with

osabi-Darwin-10.5.0 Operating System version dummy-package
x11-links-0.61      Shadow tree of links to native X11 headers and libraries

The point of osabi is to capture the previously implicit dependency of
packages on the operating system ABI.  If you update the OS, then in
general some packages may break.

The point of x11-links is to provide a way to put shared library links
in the buildlink tree, and to represent the native X11 code as a

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