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Re: Pkgsrc on Mac OS X

Jonathan Groll <> writes:

> For the most part I've loved using pkgsrc on my mac as well, and it
> has performed exceptionally well.

I use it on i386/10.6 and it works ~fine there.

> Interesting that you mentioned postgresql, I had a lot of problems
> with initializing database clusters with pkgsrc postgresql
> specifically on OS X and eventually had to build it outside of pkgsrc:

The problem here is almost certainly that

  pgsql has its own build system, which doesn't use libtool.

  pkgsrc patches pgsql to use libtool.  This is 90% a win.

  there is fallout from above in postgis, worked around now, and
  apparently more.

it's not clear we should stick with the patch to use libtool, but
libtool is a win because pkgsrc already has support for it and we then
get consistent behavior on all platforms.  AFAICT, the native pgsql
build has different files in different places, and it would be awkward
to deal with that.

Spiffing up the libtool patch to work better is one option, but that's
not a job for someone who doesn't have 20 hours to dig in (or only 8 if
they're already a libtool black belt).

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