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Re: Seriously confused about keeping packages current

Paul Newhouse <> writes:

> Off list the following was recommended:
>>  'pkg_chk -uq' works for me, showing only packages needing an update.

I use "-ukas" to update (if I'm not cherry-picking) and "-nukas" to check.

> Instinct tells me that -aurn results are probably the correct choice since I 
> still believe that .4nb3 is newer than .4.  So I did an update in 
> devel/p5-Date-Calc.

Yes, ".4nb3" is newer than ".4". It is artificially made newer because
of possible incompatibilities arising in other packages or environment.

> BUT, I don't really understand which is the correct choice.  Is devel/ 
> telling 
> me the package is still being developed?  Or is this an unintended package 
> duplication??  If devel/ is telling me this is the correct version for 
> forward 
> development, in which case I'd expect a lot more duplicated packages? (and 
> that I would need two different environments one for forward work and one for 
> current work).

"devel" is category for package of "development" value. This includes
various development tool, libraries and so on. Packages itself are
pretty stable, you can use "cvs log category/package/Makefile" to see
how some package changed in past.


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