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Re: Seriously confused about keeping packages current

 >>  * On 2009-10-03 at 08:50 BST, Paul Newhouse wrote:
 >>  > I missed the implication of "TODO".  But, -unq checks all packages NOT
 >>  > just the ones that I have installed.  Guess it's time to write a script
 >>  > to filter out what isn't installed.
 >>  pkg_chk -aurn?

> Thanks.

>  pkg_chk -aurn|grep '<'

> seems to show me the installed packages that have newer versions available.

Drammatically faster equivalent:

   pkg_info -X -a > /tmp/1.tmp
   sed -n 's|PKGPATH=||p' /tmp/1.tmp |
   pkg_micro_src_summary -f PKGNAME,PKGPATH > /tmp/2.tmp
   pkg_cmp_summary -p /tmp/1.tmp /tmp/2.tmp | grep '^<'

It even supports multicore CPUs.

See wip/pkg_summary-utils package.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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