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Re: pkg_add: can't remove files during install

2009/9/23 David Lord <>:
> On 23 Sep 2009 at 15:59, Stathis Kamperis wrote:
>> 2009/9/23 Stathis Kamperis <>:
>> > Hi people.
>> >
>> > I'm having some trouble installing packages in a i386/5.0.1 system.
>> > After a really fresh install, pkg_add'ing my very 1st package
>> > (scmgit-base), fails with this:
>> > pkg_add: Couldn't remove /usr/pkg/foo/bar file
>> > ...
>> I have just noticed that after a clean install, I don't have any
>> /usr/pkg or /var/db/pkg directory.
>> Is this normal ?
> Don't think it should be but I had problems with pkg_add after
> reinstall with 5.0.1 on eeepc and problem was lack of at least
> /usr/pkg but I didn't progress further and restored packages
> from backups (I'd been getting error writing to disk so remade
> filesystem with full check and went back from WAPBL to ffsv1).
> That was a few weeks ago and ssd write problem hasn't come
> back but I've not used it much either.
> David

I just had a confirmation from a netbsd user in #netbsd @ freenode,
that s/he experienced the same exact issue. So I guess it's not
totally bad by my side. S/he ended up using pkgsrc.

Could anyone please reproduce it ?

Best regards,

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