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pkg_add: can't remove files during install

Hi people.

I'm having some trouble installing packages in a i386/5.0.1 system.
After a really fresh install, pkg_add'ing my very 1st package
(scmgit-base), fails with this:
pkg_add: Couldn't remove /usr/pkg/foo/bar file
There are tons of errors, like that. The files that "can't be removed"
don't actually exist and passing -f to pkg_add installs the package.
But, if I try to pkg_add a 2nd package, the errors flood appear again
and at some point -f doesn't help, i.e., the package itself (or some a
dependency of it) can't be installed.

I removed /usr/pkg, /var/db/pkg, did a bootstrap and now I'm compiling
the packages on my own to see. Still, I could use some hints.

Best regards,

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