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Re: Firefox 3.0.x removal

Marko Schütz wrote:
>>> I know a few people who had to go back to 3.0.x even no Windows because
>>> 3.5.x was a way too unstable. Thats why I brought it up.
>> Do you have any reproducable problems?
>> I know of a problem when playing video via html5 features new in 3.5,
>> but otherwise have been unable to crash firefox for weeks now.
> just built it from source and it doesn't even open a window. On the
> same machine FF3 works like a charm.

   What window manager are you using?

   I had problem with FF3 working and FF3.5 not working on a machine. It
turned out to be a problem with WindowMaker. I tried xfce4 and fluxbox,
and FF3.5 worked in both of them without any problems.

Kind regards,
Jan Danielsson

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