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Re: libFoundation + sope

Thomas Klausner wrote:
The next question is if we should keep both
SOGo-sope and sope in pkgsrc, or remove the latter when the former is
imported (since it doesn't package anyway, currently and for a long
time now).

I think it's entirely conceivable to resurrect the old sope package and make it usable again. If we do the same as we did with the sogo-sope package and just don't apply the SOGo patches.


Btw, does SOGo work? :)

... we should wait to answer this question first! I'm having some trouble getting to it (have to setup LDAP etc.) as I don't have much time right now. Hopefully I can get to it this week.

One other idea I had, but I don't know if it's possible, is to have a pkgsrc option for SOGo. So we could have one sope package that can have "PKG_OPTIONS.sope = sogo", which, when turned on, would trigger the patches to be applied at patch-time.

But that may not be "legit" from the POV of the sope people. We would have to make sure that it doesn't cause problems with other sope dependents (like open groupware). It might have to be one of those either-or options "sogo" or "ogo" but not both.


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