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Re: [rant] Too many dependencies

The big bug here is librsvg depending on libgsf depending on gnome.  A
file format library should not drag in a desktop environment.  But if it
reallydoes depend on all that, then maybe the rsvg option to graphviz
should be taken out of the default.

The basic problem is that for binary packages, there is only one choice
of options.  There's a tension between including many and having binary
packages that satisfy a lot of people, and including fewer and having it
smaller but satisfying fewer people.

In the case of graphviz, I think most of the extension languages should
be off by default, becuase I've never heard of anyone using them.  That
would get rid of ocaml, lua, and tk/tcl.

But in general this is an issue of upstream maintainers not avoiding
dependencies enough, and of unfortunately designed libraries that don't
have fully sensible module dependency diagrams, and pkgsrc can't really
fix that.

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