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Re: pkg_comp - asking for setup tips

On Tue, Jul 14, 2009 at 11:48:43AM +0700, Robert Elz wrote:
> (...)
> What might help is that I frequently removeroot/makeroot so the actual
> /usr/pkg that it is dealing with tends to be just the package and its 
> dependencies, rather than everything useful that I might want to be using.

Ok, I set it up, build all my packages in one go, then tear it down again.

> A much bigger PITA (that pkg_comp also invokes) is doing make clean
> (with CLEANDEPENDS set) all the time - that tends to take far more time
> and resources (from casual observation, not measurement) than anything
> related to PKG_DEVELOPER, especially when playing in one of the packages
> that gets involved with the gnome libraries.   

You can set CLEANDEPENDS="no" in your pkg_comp's configuration file, and
in contrast to PKG_DEVELOPER, which will do something even if set to "no",
this will prevent cleaning for dependencies.

> (...)
> I have tried making CLEANDEPENDS go away, but so far, not successfully

I'm surprised (see above). Also I value the "make clean" in general as
I tend to always run low on diskspace (no matter how much diskspace I

Anyways to finish the PKG_DEVELOPER issue; something like the patch I
had attached to the other message might solve it for everybody even if
the default changes to "yes"; when "no" also means "no" and not "yes"
I'd be fine with that part already.



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