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Re: pkg_comp - asking for setup tips

On Mon, Jul 13, 2009 at 09:50:29PM +0700, Robert Elz wrote:
>   | Actually the only two thing that annoys me about 
>   | pkg_comp is that PKG_DEVELOPER is set inside the chroot's etc/mk.conf
> I'm not sure that's a bad thing - in fact, I'm not sure that PKG_DEVELOPER
> shouldn't just go away completely as an option, with pkgsrc working as
> if it is set, always.   The cost of including it seems pretty small to
> me (as in, I do all my pkg building via pkg_comp, so PKG_DEVELOPER is
> always set, and I'm not aware of any particular costs).

Well, the perceived cost is more spam as well as doing a find on whole
LOCALBASE before and after installation of each package. This might be
fine for you quadcore on a RAID but it's a PITA on about all the
"interesting" architectures. (why? it's pulling it sysutils/checkperms
and running that here and there. Cf. mk/check/

> On the other
> hand, as it is clear that many (perhaps most) actual pkg developers don't
> bother to set it, we end up with bugs in packages that would have been
> trivially fixed if the developer had used this resource.  Making it
> mandatory (or at least default to on, requiring specific action to disable)
> would avoid many of those issues.

I don't see why the sloppyness of pkgsrc *developers* should come as another
level of punishment to pkgsrc *users* (There ARE more of the latter than of
the former, aren't there?).

>   | and packages "failing" because they're built as dependency already
> (...)
> I use a script that attempts to find and sort all out of date binary
> packages, and then sort their build order to avoid this problem (...)

I've suggested following improvement to pkg_chk back in 2005 [1], using tsort
to determine the ordering. That'll work fine so long you don't change the
requirements of a pkg between its installed and pkgsrc version. Something
that'll likely happen if you only update between the -Q branches. So that
should be changed to use pkgsrc's Makefile's infos and basically you should
be fine. (Building packages in parallel isn't supported anyways).




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