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Re: libgnomecanvas fails with X11_TYPE=modular??

> This procedure should allow you to recover to a sane state:
> 1) Set rebuild=YES on all packages caught by:
> cd /var/db/pkg; grep "blddep x11-links" */* | cut -d/ -f1 |sort -u
> 2) run pkg_rolling-replace -s

Thanks.  I am doing that now (without -s; will try that if needed).
What I really did was:

cd /var/db/pkg; grep "blddep x11-links" */* | cut -d/ -f1 | sort -u | xargs 
pkg_admin set rebuild=YES

It seems that x11-links should perhaps be a real dependency, to capture
the semi-base depenendcies, but I understand why this is a tough all.

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