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libgnomecanvas fails with X11_TYPE=modular??

Because the problem with wm/metacity and XFree86 is still not fixed, I'm
trying modular for the first time.  What I did was set X11_TYPE in
mk.conf, and then build the modular packages.  When I ran into library
conflicts, I just did 'make replace OLDNAME=', which left various
packages broken but marked unsafe_depends. Now I'm running pkg_rr, and....

libgnomecanvas fails with not finding -lSM.  I added a symlink to
work/.buildlink/lib manually, and then had to add ICE, and then it
built.  I don't see where in libgnomecanvas's Makefile that it specifies
that it needs these libraries.

Should I be deleting x11-links?  I can't build it with modular.

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