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Re: pkg_info -E unknown error with official release and latest pkgsrc

On Sat, Mar 29, 2008 at 06:07:51PM -0500, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
> It looks like it installed pkg_install-20080313 (which has -E) but was 
> still running old pkg_* tools. Next time I ran it, it used correct pkg_* 
> tools.
> How can we improve this?

I am not sure. There's a PR for this where we discuss it. The problem is
that we can't just restart the build after installing a dependency. The
dependency exists, so that bulk builds can actually work on NetBSD.
I am still contemplating a proper fix here.

> And pkg_info in default path would not have -E.

It is not about the PATH at all, pkgsrc is using absolute pathes.

> 1) NetBSD provides pkg_install under /usr/pkg in the base set.
>    (And maybe include the /var/db/pkg/ details for that too.)
>    The negative to that is that pkgsrc users can no longer remove /usr/pkg
>    without losing that.

People complained about that. I asked about NetBSD 4 not shipping an
ancient pkg_install...

> 2) pkgsrc overwrite pkg_* under /usr/ (not /usr/pkg). That was behaviour 
> that was removed.

Yes, it is broken.


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