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Re: pkg_info -E unknown error with official release and latest pkgsrc

> It looks like it installed pkg_install-20080313 (which has -E)
> but was still running old pkg_* tools. Next time I ran it, it
> used correct pkg_* tools.

How so, I wonder...

I recently started a pkgsrc bulk build on a 3.1 system, and there
I needed to put /usr/pkg/sbin before /usr/sbin in the PATH in
order for the build to work as intended; otherwise it would bomb
out due to the missing -E option to pkg_info.

I agree that it is Extremely Unfriendly to expose our users to
this misfeature.

As for how it should be solved, I'm kind of partial to the old
"overwrite /usr/sbin binaries" method, but I also understand some
of the arguments against doing so.  Either way, the problem needs
to be solved so that casual users are not exposed to this problem.


- Håvard

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