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education category?

I am packaging some typing tutors. 

wip/gtypist has:
CATEGORIES=             textproc

misc/dvorakng has:
CATEGORIES=     misc

Some others:

pythonol GTK-based Spanish-English language educational software (I never 
childsplay Suite of educational games for young children (I never 

I just also packaged hypertype (SDL based typing lessons, practice texts, 
and game) and I am working on klavaro now (GTK2+ based typing tutor).

Not very many listed above. What other educational programs?

I am guessing we need at least 20 to make a new category.

Any thoughts on this before I import some new educational packages? 

Three different categories are listed above as already 
used for typing tutors. What should I use: misc, games, textproc, or 

  Jeremy C. Reed

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