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Re: How can I re-bootstrap pkgsrc?

Roland Illig wrote:

I am using pkgsrc as an unprivileged user, and I want to update pkg_* and bmake to the current versions. So I ran bootstrap/bootstrap, but it failed:

$ bootstrap/bootstrap --unprivileged --prefix=/usr/pkg/2007Q2
===> Installing for bootstrap-mk-files-20071104
ERROR: bootstrap-mk-files-20070810 is already installed - perhaps an older version

How can I update the pkgsrc "base" packages?

The reason for asking this question is that I want to get an answer that is simple enough so we can put it into our documentation and be proud that we have given our users the simplest possible way of doing that.

Why I want to have that? I don't remember at the moment, but it was definitely something useful.


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