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Re: How can I re-bootstrap pkgsrc? wrote:
On Saturday 05 January 2008 11:58:43 Roland Illig wrote:

How can I update the pkgsrc "base" packages?

cd /
mv /usr/pkg/2007Q2 /usr/pkg/2007Q2.orig
/usr/pkgsrc/bootstrap/bootstrap --unprivileged --prefix=/usr/pkg/2007Q2
tar -cvf /tmp/bootstrap.tar /usr/pkg/2007Q2
rm -rf /usr/pkg/2007Q2
mv /usr/pkg/2007Q2.orig /usr/pkg2007Q2
tar -xvpf /tmp/bootstrap.tar

This would overwrite my etc/mk.conf file.

And it would overwrite $PKG_DBDIR/bootstrap-mk-files-*/+REQUIRED_BY.

So that's not a good result. :(


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