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>From what it sounds like this seems to be a case of either the USB 3
chip not being supported, or the xhci driver not quite gluing to it.
This often results in the USB 2 and 1 stuff still working, but nothing
USB 3 attaching.

Given all of the trials described in other messages, it could be
either you removed or commented out the xhci driver, or something that
its connected to... or possibly the firmware/bios/apci isn't quite
passing things correctly.

I've had a little luck adjusting USB related settings in other
computer's firmware settings, but a few newer intel systems just don't
quite have working usb support, or the pci reports aren't quite
updated to include them.

I wish you luck with that, about all I could suggest would be to make
sure you've not disabled xhci in your kernel config.

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