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Re: Installing NetBSD 9.1 on USB stick, not booting

On Mon, Apr 05, 2021 at 08:55:28PM +0200, Matthias Petermann wrote:
> I recently set up a NetBSD 9.1 for my NAS with BIOS boot in the same way. My
> problem was that both the installer USB stick and the target USB stick for
> the installation were connected at the same time during the installation
> (logical ;-)). During the installation, the target USB stick was detected as
> unit sd1, and the installer as sd0. When booting without the installer after
> the installation, the target USB stick then takes the place of the installer
> USB stick and becomes sd0 itself. As a result, the root filesystem could not
> be mounted because the entry in fstab was still set to sd1. Since then I
> mount the target partition again r/w before the first reboot and correct the
> fstab if necessary. I don't know if this helps you. As partitioning scheme I
> used disklabel. In this case at least the bootloader was installed. I did
> not try with GPT.

Thanks. I might face this issue as well. But I think that comes into
picture after boot. The installer did not offer bootcode transfer (forgot
what wording it exactly used to use). So the stick is not booting. Once I
go past this I'll change sd1 to sd0 in fstab.


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