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Re: Two dbus questions


On 31.03.21 21:34, Bob Bernstein wrote:
I am using 9.99.81 amd64 (GENERIC)

1. I built the gnome3 metapackage, and tried gedit from the commandline.

Unfortunately GNOME3 packages are probably half-broken[0]. I am
currently focusing on getting thew newest GNOME40 release instead. The
new version is in WIP[1], feel free to give it a try.

The editor launched, but not before issuing this:

"(gedit:18215): dconf-WARNING **: 14:19:18.664: failed to commit changes to dconf: Cannot spawn a message bus without a machine-id: Unable to load /var/lib/dbus/machine-id or /etc/machine-id: Failed to open file ?/var/lib/dbus/machine-id?: No such file or directory"

But I just ran 'sh /etc/weekly' and see this:

# locate machine-id

For dbus:
# pkg_info -c dbus
Information for dbus-1.12.20:

Please rebuild `devel/glib2` and `sysutils/dbus`, and move /var/db/dbus/machine-id to /var/lib/dbus/machine-id. There's recently been
an update to the paths in these packages. [2]



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