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Re: Printing and CUPS

Glenn Mawby <> writes:

> I’m running NetBSD 9 and I can build from source. 
> I tried to build cups-base but it did not end well, I got errors and
> tried to fix them , for example , it could not find liquuid but I made
> rather a mess of things.  So, I’m starting again with a fresh install
> of NetBSD 9.0 and I’ll use pksrc to build cups-base.  Am I right in
> assuming that I should not mix pkgin with pkgsrc?

Not quite, but you have to be careful.  The pedantic detail:

  pkgin is a binary package manager, and the issue is not whether you
  use that.  The issue is about the binary package set.

  pkgsrc lets you do lots of things.  Many of these are unsound (and
  more or less documented as unsound), but a fair number of those work
  and are useful.  Still, I advise you not to cross into unsound.

  The sound approach is to have all installed packages have two

    they are built for (on) the smae version of NetBSD.  (If not the one
    you are running, then you need compat libs, and things are not 100%
    sound, just 99%.)

    all packages are built from a consistent pkgsrc tree, generally

      a stable branch, e.g. 2020-Q3

      pkgsrc-current from some checkout

I recommend to regular users to use packages for the branch they are
running, and to use the most recent quarterly release.  So the first
question is what binary package set are you using?

The wrinkle is that for getting new features and fixes, you need pkgsrc
more recent than the branch.   While this takes you out of sound, a
practice of

  use binary packages for netbsd-9 2020Q3

  checkout pkgsrc from CVS on pkgsrc-2020Q3

  "cvs up -A" in all the cups packages to get pkgsrc-current for those

is likely to be a reasonable thing to do.

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