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Re: Suggestions for a discrete NIC compatible with NetBSD 9.0

On ott 08 13:40, Brad Spencer wrote:

> > They were faster for gig than the Realtek stuff I tried. (To be fair,
> > probably going back 10+ years though).

> Yes, I agree the Intel Pro cards work pretty well..  I tend to pick up
> used "Intel PRO/1000 PT (82571EB)", which are dual nics (probably server
> pulls).  Very often I will end up flashing newer firmware to them, as
> the used ones I have gotten have run older firmware.  Simply use a thumb
> drive booting DR-DOS with the Intel updater program on it.  Depending on
> your case, you may want to add a small fan to the heat sink if they are
> busy as they can get warm.  I had one in a case that did not quite
> circulate the air well enough to keep it as cool as I liked and a small
> fan running off spare +5v power dealt with that.

Thanks for your advices and for sharing your experience. It has been
very important. I don't actually need a double interface card. The
firmware and the heat sink are some additional tweakings I would like to
avoid; but regardless of this, I would like to buy a brand new card, and
unfortunately couldn't find much Intel chips. 

I'll try to search more for them.


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