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Re: Testing a password

You, probably, don't want to do this.
Those passwords, can be very long,  are for you some
reason running NIS, but not NIS plus?
You're not, trust me, you're not running NIS,
or YP password, where yeah, that was necessary,
because crypto was kept weak, by design, apparently,
or laziness, FTP passwords were sent, and still are,
sent plain text, then there's base 64 web passwords.

So forcing users, to change passwords, when you knew a trainee, or new hire, or student junior admin, could sniff, with tools, that are were installed by default, if sun, or digital, unix, then yeah, you don't admit that, instead, someone checks the password files, and annoys people at the computer.

Ensuring strong passwords, should be a pam module, somehow, imo, if really,
you need software enforced compliance.

On Apr 29, 2020, at 6:26 PM, Todd Gruhn wrote:

I found the master password file. The passwords that were set (root,
cvs, my account)
all start with $sha$ -- so the passwords are encrypted using SHA?

If I write a PERL program that checks passwords (cant use crypt), how would I do
this? Any particular modules I need?

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