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Re: library cleanup after a system upgrade

Hi All!

Christos Zoulas wrote:
>> ..and then it usually turns out that I forgot to recompile any
>> local programs that still needed them :)
> /usr/src/lib/checkoldver /usr/lib | xargs rm -f

that was it! yes! It helped clean up my tight /usr partition, but not enough

Everything got quite fatter - I had 6 + packages, no issue. Then
upgraded to 7, refreshed packages.. it worked. Tried to upgrade to 8.2
.. and I was not able to finish unpacking.

The reason of this crap is because I wanted a small / to boot (kernel
position limits of the boot loader), so I did a just 1G / and 1G /usr
and he "rest" of the hefty 4G disk to /home...

Anyway, I was stubborn and found in the pile of HDDs one that worked in
the SS10...  An old 1GB disk worked enough to breath and finish NetBSD
8.2 install!
Machine is running fine now! Yay!

now... well the only issue is that important packages are missing binary
for 8.2... I was not able to update them all, but this is a separate
issue. And we have a separate thread for that.



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