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Re: NVMM not working, NetBSD 9x amd64

On Fri, 1 May 2020 at 19:11, Rhialto <> wrote:
> On Fri 01 May 2020 at 18:13:01 +0100, Chavdar Ivanov wrote:
> > So far, with several attempts, it works with no problem whatsoever,
> > directly booting the newest image on the site pointed above.
> There might well be an improvement between 9.0 and -current, of course.
> It's good to hear that it works for you; I might upgrade to a -current
> kernel.

TBH I once fell into the kernel debugger, when starting the Clock app;
but twice 'continue' got me out and even the Clock started, so there
may be problems, with the emulation or with the image; the software
updater starts downloading a bunch of packages, but breaks with mesa.

Earlier I had similar issues with OmniOS under qemu-nvmm - sometimes
it worked without a problem, sometimes I couldn't even boot. I still
have no idea why.

> -Olaf.
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