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Re: Problems with 9.0 on x230

> On my x230, after waking up I have to switch back to the TTY on which X
> is running with Ctrl + F. Somehow this seems to reset due to the state
> of sleep. Try it - maybe you are lucky and it will help you too.
Unfortunately, no dice. I just end up typing characters on the screen.
Btw, it's kinda weird, I used to run -current a year ago (before branching 9.0)
and suspend worked perfectly there. Something screwed up along the way, I guess.

> Did you use WAPBL (mount option log) on the 500/1000 GB drives and not
> on the 2000 GB drive? Then the difference could be due to journaling. 20
> minutes fsck does not seem to me as long for a 2 TB FFS partition,
> depending on how full it is.
I don't remember what I used then, but it's really long regardless of the log
setting. If don't have fs checking disabled for that partition, I end up waiting
20 minutes for the Thinkpad to boot. Log or no log makes no difference.

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