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Problems with 9.0 on x230

So I installed 9.0 on my Thinkpad x230 yesterday and encountered a few problems I hope you can help me with:
 - somewhat broken suspend - sometimes after waking up there are random letters all over the place in the framebuffer (uncleared bits of vram?) and waking up while in X doesn't bring it up at all, I'm stuck with an empty framebuffer to play with
- long fsck - I dunno why, but for some reason it takes fsck ~20 minutes to go over my 2TB drive. Maybe it's normal, but it was always almost instant for me (when working with 500GB and 1TB drives)
- no keyfile in cgd - this is more of a question than a problem, does cgd support loading keys from keyfiles?
Well, is there anything that can be done?

My dmesg:

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