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Re: Problems with 9.0 on x230


On 12.04.20 10:35, strt32 wrote:
So I installed 9.0 on my Thinkpad x230 yesterday and encountered a few problems I hope you can help me with:  - somewhat broken suspend - sometimes after waking up there are random letters all over the place in the framebuffer (uncleared bits of vram?) and waking up while in X doesn't bring it up at all, I'm stuck with an empty framebuffer to play with

On my x230, after waking up I have to switch back to the TTY on which X is running with Ctrl + F. Somehow this seems to reset due to the state of sleep. Try it - maybe you are lucky and it will help you too.

- long fsck - I dunno why, but for some reason it takes fsck ~20 minutes to go over my 2TB drive. Maybe it's normal, but it was always almost instant for me (when working with 500GB and 1TB drives)

Did you use WAPBL (mount option log) on the 500/1000 GB drives and not on the 2000 GB drive? Then the difference could be due to journaling. 20 minutes fsck does not seem to me as long for a 2 TB FFS partition, depending on how full it is.

Kind regards

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