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Re: graphical desktop in virtualbox

    Date:        Sun, 5 Apr 2020 12:57:31 +0200
    From:        "Pierre Dupond" <>
    Message-ID:  <trinity-0bbf3b9f-056d-485b-9e54-738b852264e6-1586084251176@3c-app-gmx-bap31>

  | It would be a nice feature if the graphical display could have more
  | than 800x600 dots.

It can, but you have to configure the graphics mode for the guest in the
host's virtualbox config, and it needs to be done using the command line
tools, not the GUI (which doesn't have this ability).   I used to do that,
but haven't needed to for ages (no longer run vvirtual box), and so I've
forgotten the magic recipe, but it is all in the virtualbox docs, somewhere
hard to find... (somewhere in the advanced stuff).

  | I think this is not possible since Netbsd don't seems  to have the
  | Guest extensions.

When I started doing this that was true, but it didn't matter.   Guest
extensions might make it easier, but are not required (or were not).


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