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Re: graphical desktop in virtualbox

"xrandr --output default --mode ..." works both under VirtualBox and
qemu for me.

Best Regards:


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From: Pierre Dupond <>
Subject: graphical desktop in virtualbox
Date: Sun, 5 Apr 2020 12:57:31 +0200

Hi All,
       I have one Virtualbox virtual machine with Netbsd running  on
a powerful (linux) host. This is comfortable and useful to compile
packages and kernel
for the less powerful one.

It would be a nice feature if the graphical display could have more
than 800x600 dots.
Particularly to test problems and corrections with the graphical
display (compilation
is done by connecting with ssh anyway).

I think this is not possible since Netbsd don't seems  to have the
Guest extensions.
Could you confirm me that point? I have done some search but without
an absolute certain answer.

Is the situation better with qemu?


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