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Accented characters console/shell

Hi All,
       I don't know if this problem is already solved but I have not found  a lot of information
with google.

On a laptop, I have installed Netbsd without too much problems. But the standard
installation of Netbsd does not provide a graphical interface (at least
not without passing the command "startx"). This is not a big problem
for me since I am quite confortable with the command line and most
of my applications are run from here.

What is more annoying however is that no accented characters are available
in the shell? Even if I tune it (tcsh for instance) to use them (my
configuration files /etc/csh.* are perfectly working on all my other

I have tried to
      - change the shells: same problem with bash, ksh
      - set the environment variable LANG to iso8859-1 code page (instead of UTF8)

Nothing has worked.

I have finally succeded (at least partially) to install XFCE Desktop.
This problem is then less important but it is still very annoying.

Do you have any ideas?


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