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Re: NetBSD on embedded devices

I have two of those units. Is that the “embedded system” you are going to install NetBSD on? If so you definitely do not need a “stripped down” version. I have one running my pfsense firewall and it hardly breaks a sweat. The other has had NetBSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and now DragonflyBSD installed on it. I have 8Gig of RAM and two hard drives installed. One thing I have to say, under FreeBSD it ran really hot. NetBSD 7.1 was installed with no problem and ran without incident for a good while and ran hot, but not where I needed mittens to handle it.

> On May 15, 2017, at 7:47 AM, r0ller <> wrote:
> Hi Jukka,
> Well, I'm no expert in that but you may be interested in this video presented by khorben and ask him:
> Best regards,
> r0ller
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> Feladó: Jukka Marin < (Link -> >
> Dátum: 2017 május 15 11:39:07
> Tárgy: NetBSD on embedded devices
> Címzett: (Link ->
> Hello List,
> I am considering using a stripped down NetBSD on an embedded system.
> The system would boot from an SSD disk and the disk would be read-only
> except for a separate data partition for sqlite. The system will have
> httpd, sqlite, probably sshd, application software (one or more
> binaries) but not much else. On hardware side, I will probably have
> an x86 with "enough" RAM (a few gigabytes).
> I'm wondering what would be the best way of system updates. I would
> like to have two separate system images, one that is active and running
> and another which can be updated. At boot time, the system would have
> to check which image to boot from. (Or maybe I could use chroot or
> some such to select the image to use.. or just mount one or the other..
> or use a virtual machine or.. ;-)
> Does anyone have suggestions for a system like this? How to make
> updates (via http) foolproof?
> I might use something like this to start development:
> Thanks!
> -jm

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