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NetBSD on embedded devices

Hello List,

I am considering using a stripped down NetBSD on an embedded system.
The system would boot from an SSD disk and the disk would be read-only
except for a separate data partition for sqlite.  The system will have
httpd, sqlite, probably sshd, application software (one or more
binaries) but not much else.  On hardware side, I will probably have
an x86 with "enough" RAM (a few gigabytes).

I'm wondering what would be the best way of system updates.  I would
like to have two separate system images, one that is active and running
and another which can be updated.  At boot time, the system would have
to check which image to boot from.  (Or maybe I could use chroot or
some such to select the image to use.. or just mount one or the other..
or use a virtual machine or.. ;-)

Does anyone have suggestions for a system like this?  How to make
updates (via http) foolproof?

I might use something like this to start development:



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