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Re: Updates to

    Date:        Sat, 13 May 2017 01:44:35 +0530
    From:        Abhinav Upadhyay <>
    Message-ID:  <>

  | If you have any feedback or improvements in mind, please let me know :-)

Have you considered (is it possible?) to do multi-platform searches.

That is, in the "which release" menu, add "all", and ideally also:

	"all NetBSD"		(all the NetBSD-* releases available)
			(similar for FreeBSD, OpenBSD, linux, posix)
	"all stable"   (NetBSD 7.1, FreeBSD 11.0 OpenBSD..., Linux...)
			(probably also the earliest, maybe newest, posix)
	"all development"  (*-current or whatever, and the most recent posix)

In these cases the output would also need to identify (for each result
returned) which release it came from.  This would make it much easier
to look for differences in the manual for xxx between NetBSD 6 and 7
(for example) or between NetBSD and FreeBSD.

If you can arrange to look in more than one release, and identify the
output, adding the various combinations as search choices should be
easy (you could even provide a checkbox interface, instead of a dropdown,
and allow the user to pick whatever releases to search are desired.)

A way to compare man pages would be really nice ... (this would be hard,
diff'ing the formatted versions would not be productive, and diff'ing
the raw data would not produce something nice to look at, so it would
need to diff the raw, then find the places in the formatted output where
the differences occur, and show those.)   This sounds like a very big
project however...

Also, I don't know where the posix-* data comes from, but posix-2016 ought
be available now (that is, it is released, whether you can get at it or not
for this purpose I have no idea.)


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